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Install Flash Recovery TWRP + Root Redmi Note 2 Prime MIUI LHMMIDA Global Stable

Download TWRP3+Root

-.extract zip file into drive C:\.
-.install MTK Driver inside TWRP3 folder, choose your OS. (not needed if you already installed before).
-.enable USB Debugging on your phone.
-.make sure you enabled Fastboot Mode on your phone (Developer Option menu).
-.reboot your phone into Fastboot Mode (hold vol-down + power, and then release power).
-.connect your phone to computer using USB.
-.make sure your phone detected on Device Manager.
-.open command prompt, and then point to C:\TWRP3\.
-.type “fastboot flash recovery TWRP3.img” (without “) and press enter.
-.wait until it prompted “OK”.
-.!!! before doing the next step, make sure your finger ready to press vol-up button.
-.type “fastboot reboot” and press enter, and then imediately press and hold vol-up button until MI Logo displayed, and then release vol-up button.
-.DONE, good luck.
-.this TWRP included SuperSU, you will prompted to install it if you don’t have SuperSU when you leave TWRP.

android.media.process has stopped, mungkin anda kehilangan (corrupt) Download Manager bawaan OS Android

Kehilangan (corrupt) ‘Download Manager’ bawaan OS yang bikin pusing.. Jangan buru” re-install OS Android anda..!!



gejala : “android.media.process has stopped”.
gejala lain yang mungkin terjadi adalah kita tidak bisa download apapun dengan pesan error yang sama.

obat :
1.cari HP lain yang OS-nya sama.
2.[A&B]install Titanium Backup + File Manager apapun.
3.[A]Application Manager -> Download Manager -> Clear Cache & Clear Data (kalo masih ada).
4.[A]Titanium Backup -> Download Manager -> Wipe Data.
5.[B]Titanium Backup -> Download Manager -> Backup.
6.copy hasil Backup ke HP yang rusak (3 file) dari & ke folder TitaniumBackup.
7.[A]File Manager -> root-system-app-DownloadProvider.apk -> rename jadi .apz.
9.[A]copy file backup (extensi .apk.gz saja) dari folder Titanium Backup ke root-system-app -> rename jadi DownloadProvider.apk.
11.[A]Titanium Backup -> Download Manager -> Restore App Only -> Install (replace).

[A]HP bermasalah (rooted).
[B]HP normal (rooted).

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